EGT Ltd.

Services Provision Confirmation and Assurance Systems

EGT Ltd. specializes in the design and development of innovative Hardware and Software systems, providing real time systems for the confirmation and assurance of Services Provision. These products are summarized below:

  • We have implemented the EGT Integrated Information System used for the management and monitoring of your staffs' periodically repeating actions in real time mode, combined with our special RFID card reader.

  • Also, for the easy registration and tracking of your employees' attendance proof and presence confirmation at predefined patrol points, the new and easy-to-use Easy Guard Tour package is available on the market. Easy Guard Tour simplifies the procedures for Services Provision assurance because after unboxing it is ready for use, and no setup or installation is required by the user.

  • Alternatively, our Company has developed the innovative Telephone Information Service System (TSEPI). Your employees use it to declare by phone their activities and you are informed online & real time about them, anytime and anywhere..

  • The EGT Integrated Information System can also be used via smart mobile phones (rfid and nfc android smartphones).

  • We provide you the capability to monitor in real time your fleet of vehicles with our innovative eTracker position tracking device that we have developed.


To whom our PRODUCTS and SERVICES are directed to?


Our products are addressed to a range of companies which employ personnel into periodic tasks that need to report their service activities such as:

# Private Security companies

# Installation & Maintenance companies,

# Cleaning, Disinsection & Pest Control Service companies,

# Facilities & Property Management companies,

# Materials & Personnel Transportation companies,

# Home & Domiciliary care companies, etc.


Has my employee started his job?; If so, was there any delays? At what stage is the progress of the activity? How many times has the check been repeated? How much time took him to complete his job? Which employee is in this shift? Where is my employee now? Has any events or incidents been reported today? Has the supervisor been informed? Has all the jobs been completed? Is my personel safe? Are there any extreme measures been read in the area? How long did he worked this month? Did he left his position on the estimated time?, etc.....


Easy Guard Tour

[The EASY way to Confirm Services Delivery]

EASY GUARD TOUR works instantly without the slightest set-up, and because of its ease of use, it is revolutionizing the assurance of Services Provision.

EGT Android App

[Android Mobile App for Services Delivery confirmation]

The alternative to the EGT integrated information system. Just install the app on your mobile and you'll have a powerful tool in Confirming Services Delivery.


Why choose us?


    Three different emergency buttons,
    Lone worker - Man down alarm with programmable timer feature,
    Third party signal control center alarm transmission.
    More device sensors for temperature, luminance, tamper detection, drop detection, buzzer and vibration.
    Email & SMS incident alerts awareness.
    Secure transmission over GPRS network.


    Free global SIM card included.
    No installation, setup, maintenace, support or training charges.
    Lifetime after sales device support (we are the manufacturers).
    Free lifetime online firmware and software upgrades.
    Free email and sms alerts awareness.
    Free Phone System or EGT Android App license as a backup solution.
    Cheaper Card Readers without LCD screen purchase option.


    Innovative. The only system using patented programmable and non-cloneable rfid cards that eliminates any attempt by employees for deception.
    Easy2Use. Simple intuitive design, No system setup needed, Preconfigured devices and tags, Web firmware upgrades, Remote device configuration.
    Adjustable. Set frequency and speed visiting patrol timetables.
    One device - multiple tags. Menu screen to report work attendance, check points visiting proof, supervisor staff inspections, facilities and assets maintenance, personnel access & evacuation control, etc.
    Cloud app with full activity reports.

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