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EGT's online  evacuation system has as its basic and primary function the registration of all personnel, visitors and vehicles entering or leaving the monitored facilities.  For the implementation of the EGT evacuation system, no installation of standard electromechanical equipment is required at the entrance gates.  Entrance or exit is registered with the portable EGT card reader at the security gates.

Evacuation General Tactic

All vehicle passengers are registered at the gates before entering or leaving the supervised facilities.
Evacuation - security officers are real time aware how many employees, visitors and vehicles are in the supervised facility.
In case of evacuation, managers can print alphabetical reports, showing exactly which employees and visitors are at the time of evacuation within the supervised buildings.

The EGT Evacuation System can be applied immediately, without requiring any installation of costly standard electromechanical equipment.
The implementation of the EGT Evacuation System ensures the correctness of the evacuation data thus avoiding unnecessary and dangerous unnecessary search and rescue operations.

Work attendance

HR professionals need data about the costs of absences to their organization to gain management support for focusing on an absence control strategy

Patrol management

Patrol management software is an integral part of an
electronic guard tour system, which is composed of this software, guard tour readers,
and RFID checkpoints

Visitor management

Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Is an on-line, web based system offered as a service.