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Guard Tour (EGT) System

The EGT Integrated Information System enables users to monitor in real time the progress of the services that you provide to your customers.
The EGT System consists of a Cloud Application, the RFID Readers and a set of smart RFID cards. The EGT system has granted a design patend from the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation.
The EGT System is mainly used for work attendance monitoring  guard tour  patrol management by private security service companies

Real Time System

Be real time informed about all the employees actions (ie. start/stop work, check point visits, emergency alarm calls, etc.)  Get real time notices for any derived alerts (shift attendance deviations, missed patrol point checks, device tamper alerts, device immobility alarms, etc.). Take immediate actions for lone worker real time alerts. Track in real time on map the devices' location, speed, temperature, light indications.  Selectively print reports and statistics as well as data from the device's recordings.

Work attendance

HR professionals need data about the costs of absences to their organization to gain management support for focusing on an absence control strategy

Visitor management

Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Is an on-line, web based system offered as a service.

Evacuation system

A professional intelligent evacuation system and on-line information system, which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time.