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No Paper Visitor cloud service, in combination with EGT's portable RFID Card Reader, provides a complete and up-to-date solution for an online and real-time visitor management system.

Real Time System

The No Paper Visitor application, is an integrated visitor management solution, designed for ease of use and requires no specialized computer skills from the user. Visitor's registration is made easily through a website that contains a simple form of entering visitor's basic data.
Users can easily register both daily expected and future visitors. Using EGT's No Paper Visitor Cloud application, the expected visitors can simultaneously be imported, from the receptionists and from the secretariats of the various departments of the Company. 

Upon arrival of the visitor, the responsible reception officer assigns to the visitor a special Visitor card and then the card is scanned using the EGT Portable Card Reader. The card reader automatically records to the application the date and time the visitor enters the site.
At the exit, the visitor returns his Visitor card to the reception officer, to be scanned with the EGT portable card reader, registering thus the visitor's exit to the system without the use of a computer, since the card reader automatically records the visitor's entry or exit date and time.

Work attendance

HR professionals need data about the costs of absences to their organization to gain management support for focusing on an absence control strategy

Patrol management

Patrol management software is an integral part of an
electronic guard tour system, which is composed of this software, guard tour readers,
and RFID checkpoints

Evacuation system

A professional intelligent evacuation system and on-line information system, which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time.