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Easy Guard Tour

Our company designs and develops RFID readers with the features of a modern mobile phone. The EGT System consists of a web application and a set of custom made RFID readers and programmable cards.
It's the simplest way to start. Just stick our tamper proof rfid programmable cards and start to patrol. The device transmits the read data to the web server via GPRS. The result for the actions performed by the employees is shown on line & real time on the web application.

Real Time System

EGT Ltd specializes in the design and development of innovative Hardware and Software systems, providing real time systems for the confirmation and assurance of Services Provision.

EGT Web Application

Utilizing the web application of the EGT Integrated Information System, the company user can, manage detailed data of his concern (e.g. customers, employees, checkpoints, RFID readers, etc.) , monitor Online and in real-time all employee activities (job starts, points visited, etc.),  track on Map employees, denices and checkpoints position. Be Real time informed about any alerts arised, Print system statistics and reports, etc

Work attendance

HR professionals need data about the costs of absences to their organization to gain management support for focusing on an absence control strategy

Patrol management

Patrol management software is an integral part of an
electronic guard tour system, which is composed of this software, guard tour readers,
and RFID checkpoints

Visitor management

Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.  Is an on-line, web based  system offered as a service.

Evacuation system

A professional intelligent evacuation system and on-line information system, which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time.