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We specialize in the development and design of innovative software and hardware systems, providing innovative systems in real time management and information services. Our company consists of an experienced and qualified team of experts in electronics, telecommunications and IT, offering a wide range of advanced solutions and is ready to meet every requirement of our customers, as complex this can be. With 20 years of experience in the field of Security, we specialize in the production of hardware and software products related to Services Provision Assurance and Confirmation. Our solutions applies to real-time integrated management and employee monitoring systems, focusing on guard tour and patrol monotoring systems.  As primary manufacturers, we provide direct lifetime support to our products, as we are not importers so we are not dependent on the limitations of foreign manufacturers.

Work attendance

HR professionals need data about the costs of absences to their organization to gain management support for focusing on an absence control strategy

Patrol management

Patrol management software is an integral part of an
electronic guard tour system, which is composed of this software, guard tour readers,
and RFID checkpoints

Visitor management

Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.  Is an on-line, web based  system offered as a service.

Evacuation system

A professional intelligent evacuation system and on-line information system, which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time.