Work attendance monitoring

The operation of the EGT System is very simple. Your employee uses the EGT card reader device to "scan" the especially programmed smart RFID cards that indicate specific situations. The device transmits securely the data through GPRS network to the Cloud Server, so you can see and simultaneously be aware in real time  about your employee's actions, and at the same time receive notices about any shift program deviations on any online device (mobile, tablet, computer).

The EGT Cloud Platform

The EGT Integrated Information System Cloud application is a complete web portal  CRM with more than 250 pages) through which the user is able to: 
Manage all the company's assets (e.g. customers, employees, checkpoints, RFID readers, etc.)
Be real time informed about all the employees actions (ie. start/stop work, check point visits, emergency alarm calls, etc.)  Get real time notices for any derived alerts (shift attendance deviations, missed patrol point checks, device tamper alerts, device immobility alarms, etc.) .Take immediate actions for lone worker real time alerts. Track in real time on map the devices' location, speed, temperature, light indications. Selectively print reports and statistics as well as data from the device's recordings. Create users with variable priviledges and multi-level access, thus providing increased and reliable services to customers with access to the data they are interested in. Manage on a single environment all the EGT products (Easy Guard Tour, Android App, Phone Call System, Access Control management and no paper visitor app).
Provide to customers services compliant to the GDPR regulations and requirements.

Patrol management

Patrol management software is an integral part of an
electronic guard tour system, which is composed of this software, guard tour readers,
and RFID checkpoints

Visitor management

Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Is an on-line, web based system offered as a service.

Evacuation system

A professional intelligent evacuation system and on-line information system, which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time.